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Posted by Rosie Plunkett – Monday, July 9th, 2018

After I returned from the UK Reflexology Conference 2018 I wanted to purchase books from the speakers CAR has published articles about…. In my searching I found an unexpected text book by Vivian Birlie’s on Dog Reflexology… I was so excited because for seven years I have been using my own two rescue dog’s  Meg and Martha in my Reflexology practise to assist client’s.

During the preceding years I have found that the other dogs who came into my care or extended family owned dogs or dogs owned by my clients all showed the same symptoms of absorbing the stress from their owners. This rang an alarm bell for me which said I need to investigate further….

I purchased Vivian’s book and knew I wanted to learn Dog Reflexology…. for three years I have had a Dog Therapy unit attached to my practise offering ‘free 15 minute consultations’ backed up by supplying a bespoke Australian Bush flower Essence to calm and relax the dog and owner alike, this gave me the desire to assist Meg by learning how to care for her by using my deep love of Reflexology.

I emailed Vivian Birlie to ask her when her next teaching course in English would start.

“How many of you are interested”, was Vivian’s rely.

“Just two at present”, I said.

“I will come to Manchester and teach” was Vivian’s surprised answer. 

“Be my guest’, I offered quickly still in shock that this idea was growing fast.

“Find me a venue that will allow three dogs and enough space for nine students” Vivian suggested.

“Easy”, was my reply, 

“Use my premises, plus I can borrow six dogs for you to choose the best three”’ I replied.

“ I will come to Manchester”, Vivian confirmed.

Between us we designed a poster and my wonderful local Veterinary Surgeon,  Simon of Acorn Veterinary Surgery, Northenden, agreed to display the poster in his surgery reception. 

By then my mind was racing …the union of a local Vet and a local Reflexologist combining their love for the well being of dogs was a step in the right direction for greater awareness and better understanding for owners, their pets and of course the wide field for ‘society’ to embrace.

Vivian has committed to have her whole course translated into English at a huge cost to her company and my friend and myself have paid up front the £2100.00 each to secure our places in this first workshop. 

Vivian has also reported that she has been invited to submit regular articles for the largest company in Denmark focussing on Dogs’ well being which of course will give a higher profile to all the Danish Reflexologist…… Rosie 

All the CAR board members have supported these articles I am presenting to you because they have the foresight and belief that when the findings from the dogs, their owners, their Veterinary Surgeons show positive results “Without the Placebo effect” there will be new paths opening to focus again on the benefits of Reflexology overall here in the UK and globally….Rosie

Vivian Birlie

Vivian Birlie is both reflexologist and acupuncturist. Since 1997 she has treated both humans and dogs. She has been teaching reflexology and acupuncture since 2000.

During her long-time as an educator, Vivian Birlie has authored a great deal of teaching material. This background, along with 16 years of experience in journalism and technical computer knowledge at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, has made Vivian’s newest book, “Dog reflexology and acupressure” possible. The Danish edition was released in August 2016 in Denmark and the English version has just been published in January 2016.

Vivian teaches at the Sano Canis Institute, which is the only institute in the country which offers a dog reflexologist education.

You can also buy the only textbook in the world on reflexology for dogs; “Dog reflexology and acupressure”, which has just been published.

It is possible to complete the certified education in Denmark – near Copenhagen – in English. Vivian offers a new and exciting certified education with highly qualified external and internal teachers: veterinarians and a longtime educator with many years of experience in teaching reflexology and acupuncture.

The education is a combination of lectures on e-learning and teaching in Denmark or Manchester, UK.

NEW: Now it is possible to take the education in Manchester, England. Vivian, for the very first time will start the education in Manchester on the 27th of October 2018. 

The education in Manchester, England:

Vivian is proud to offer you the possibility to study in England. The education is very similar to the one in Denmark. She combines 9 E-learning subjects and 3 weekends of teaching in Manchester. 

You will learn Traditional Chinese Medicine. The reflexology systems on dogs are gone through and the students will practice on dogs. It’s highly educated professionals e.g veterinarians who progress through E-learning lectures.

As a student, you will get an insight into the structure and functions of each organ and organ system, both in detail and in a greater perspective.

It is very important that you practice between the lessons. Vivian’s experience shows that you should practice at least on one dog per week throughout the education to obtain sufficient knowledge and pass the exams.

The Institute offers:

  • Lectures by the author of the book
  • Highly qualified external educators in anatomy, physiology and pathology: Veterinarian Katrine Boel
  • Assignments on the entire syllabus
  • After completion of the education, free supervision via mail is provided
  • The institute’s certificate
  • Registration on the institute’s website ( List of practitioners for dog owners)
  • Small groups, which ensure optimal learning


The education ends with:

  • A written exam consisting of multiple choice and explanatory questions
  • A written assignment/case with a dog and its owner
  • An oral exam where you will defend the written assignment and be examined in the syllabus


The education at the institute is unique and is not available at any other educational institution.

The price of the education: 2400 Euro (NB. £2100 exchange rates vary)

Lectures in Manchester, England takes places at;

Entheos Holistic Therapies, 

14, Clover Croft, Brooklands Sale, Greater Manchester, M33 3PU

Before you have your modules in Manchester, you need to go through 5 E-learning subjects. You can access them when you have paid for the education. After each subject you will receive a questionnaire, you need to answer. 66% of your answers must be correct to pass the subject.

The first E-learning subject are:

E-learning Education Plan 1/9

Subject 1: Reflexology, history – The principles of reflexology – How do imbalances appear in dogs? – Dog reflexology contra human reflexology – How does reflexology work? – Research – Causes of imbalances and diseases – Contraindications – Reactions during and after reflexology – Anatomy of the paws and location of the reflex areas – Before a reflexology treatment – How to do reflexology – The technique on the paws – Starting the treatment – ending the treatment – Lotion and oil – Reflex areas.

E-learning Education Plan 2/9

Subject 2: The brain – Hypothalamus – Thalamus – The pineal gland – The pituitary – The Medulla oblongata – The sinuses/frontal sinuses – Ears – Eyes – Nose – Mouth – Eustachian tube – The Urinary system.

E-learning Education Plan 3/9

Subject 3: The Cardiovascular system – the lesser circulation – The lungs and the bronchi – trachea – lung diseases e.g lungworm, pneumonia, cough – The lymphatic system/immune system: Lymphatic vessels, lymphocytes, the red bone marrow, adrenals, thymus, appendix, the thoracic duct, diseases of the immune system, e.g allergy

E-learning Education Plan 4/9

Subject 4: The function and structure of the nervous system, the spinal nerves, dermatomes, myotomes, the vagus nerve, the sciatic nerve, solar plexus The Digestive system, food allergy, food intolerance, diseases in the digestive system.

E-learning Education Plan 5/9

Subject 5: TCM: Yin and yang, the 5 elements and their the aspects, the dog’s spiritual aspects, souls and behaviour, the Chinese watch

27th October 2018:

Day 1 in Manchester – 7 hours

The reflex areas of the head

The reflex areas of the urinary system Students practice

The reflex areas of the respiratory system The reflex areas of the lymphatic system/immune system

Students practice

28th October 2018:

Day 2 in Manchester – 7 hours

The reflex areas of the nervous system The reflex areas of the detox system Students practice

The reflex areas of the digestive system The reflex areas of the cardiovascular system

Students practise

The next E-learning subjects you now need to take before the next lessons in Manchester are:

E-learning Educational Plan 6/9

Subject 6: The cardiovascular system (The circulatory system), the structure and function of the heart, blood vessels, portal venous system, heart worm, heart diseases

The hormone system: Hormones, fertility and reproductive organs, the thyroid and parathyroids, adrenals, pancreas, mammary glands

The skeletal system/the muscle system, the spine, bones and function, musculoskeletal disorders

E-learning Educational Plan 7/9

Subject 7: Muscles controlled by the organs, Blood, Qi

E-learning Educational Plan 8/9

Subject 8: The organs ́ function according to TCM

5th.January 2019:

Day 3 in Manchester – 7 hours The reflex areas of the hormone system

The reflex areas of the skeletal system/the muscle system Students practice

Reflexology records

The meridians

Students practice meridians and acupressure points

6th January 2019:

Day 4 in Manchester – 7 hours The meridians

Students practice the new meridians and acupressure points

Students practice all the systems and the meridians and their acupressure points

Cases – groups and whiteboard

2nd March 2019

Day 5 in Manchester – 7 hours

Face reflexology

Students practice. We are going through the exam case, which you must hand in within one week after the written exam

Summary of diagnosis methods (TCM) and and how to treat

Students practice all the systems and the meridians and their acupressure points

3rd  March 2019

Day 6 in Manchester – 7 hours

We are going through cases,

Summary of diagnosis methods (TCM) and how to treat. Repetition

Students practice all the systems and the meridians and their acupressure points

E-learning Educational Plan 9/9

Subject 9: Homeopathy and Bach’s flower remedies

Written exam: multiple choice questions and questions where you have to explain your answers.

You need to be on the internet to get the exam questions and after 3 hours, you send your answers to us by email. Your exam case: must be handed to us by mail within a week after the written exam or earlier

Oral examination ( venue to be confirmed ) only if you have passed the written exam. You shall present your exam case and you will be examined in the syllabus.

The oral examination is about one month after the written exam.

Vivian reserve the right to make changes to this plan, which will be notified to the student as soon as possible.

Written exam: April 2019 – 12.00 pm-15.00pm, at your own place

Oral exam: May

Your exam case: must be handed to us by mail within a week after the written exam – that means the April 2019 or earlier.

Please contact either Vivian or Rosie if you are interested in taking the education in Manchester, UK.

Vivian – 

Rosie     email: or text 07916308942 


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