Choosing a Reflexologist

There are a number of factors that should influence your choice of practitioner:

A qualified reflexologist will be registered with one of the main bodies that govern reflexology.  A good rule is to check whether they belong to a professional body that is a member of the Reflexology Forum, the emerging regulatory body for Reflexology in the UK.  As a general rule reflexology practitioners need to spend two years training and developing their skills and then keep up with CPD (Continuing Professional Development).  A safe and efficient practitioner will not mind you asking them about this.
If you require more than just relaxation it may be worth finding a Clinical Reflexologist.

Ask if your prospective reflexologist is insured and if the cover includes any condition that may apply to you. Some insurance companies require permission from your GP and you may not wish to go through this process in order to have reflexology.  A simple question at the outset may save the trouble of having to change to a more qualified practitioner later.

Naturally, the shorter the journey to and from your reflexologist the more relaxing the whole experience will be. There are many practitioners spread across the country so you are likely to find one within a reasonable distance.  Some practitioners are mobile and are willing and equipped to do home visits.

Although treatment rates are not enforced by the main reflexology bodies you might expect to pay between £25.00 and £50.00 for a treatment session. The average length of a session is between 45-60 mins although the initial consultation may take longer.

The number of sessions you have will be based on how much treatment is required and this will be discussed between you and your chosen practitioner. 

(All MCAR and ACAR registered practitioners work to the  “6 and 10 rule”  this indicates no more than six treatments without reactions and ten if no benefit is experienced.)

Male / Female practitioner:
You may have an immediate preference but reflexology is practised with equal skill by male and female practitioners, and this need not be a reason for choosing.  Either way, you’ll be made to feel comfortable and at ease in order to get the most from your treatment.

Contact the CAR administration team, if you would like to find a CAR trained clinical reflexology practitioner in your area.