CAR Code of Practice and Ethics

The CAR Board has recently been working hard on revising and updating the CAR Code of Practice and Ethics and is pleased to announce it is now complete and attached below.

The original Code produced by CAR guru, Clive O’Hara, was revised in April 2006, and remains at the heart of the latest edition.

The Code is split into nine sections and begins by setting out the ethos behind the Association – its commitment to offering high quality training, which produces highly competent, confident and knowledgeable practitioners.

There is a section on the responsibilities of members towards clients, not only in terms of obtaining continual consent but also conduct towards them.

There is also a section on members’ accountability to the Association, focusing principally on continuing professional development, insurance and First Aid.

The importance of keeping accurate records is also a main feature of the Code, along with guidance on working in hospitals and other healthcare settings, publicity, health and safety and finally a brief section on CAR’s disciplinary procedure.
We urge all members to take the time to read the revised Code and we trust you find it a clear, concise and informative document.
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Any feedback or questions regarding the Code should be directed to the team  at