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Posted by Rosie Plunkett – Tuesday, March 29th, 2016


After a successful Hollywood career as a writer, actor and producer, (see resume on IMDb), Doug Heyes discovered “The Touch” – the gift for healing he describes as “the natural birthright of all human beings”. He left a successful career in show business to plunge headlong into the waters of holistic health and healing. An outdoor rescuer, adventurer, athlete, student and teacher, Heyes gives a straight-up, first-person account of his amazing journey and extraordinary demonstrations.

Heyes explains that within each one of us exists a wellspring of radiant healing energy that can be accessed, channeled and used for personal healing and facilitating healing in others. The Touch centres on the practice of RAM Healing™ (Radiance Aesthesia Method™) – a powerful approach to healing, created and developed from a synthesis of interwoven principles and techniques from Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Breathwork, Prayer, Shamanic Wisdom, Eastern, Western and Botanical Medicine, Spiritual Psychology and Quantum Theory.

The Touch is much more than a teaching guide. Its heartbeat comes through in Heyes inspiring “tales from the trail,” milestones on his amazing trek down the path of light, stories of remarkable healings – including his own – that changed his life forever.

Scroll down to watch a short video by Doug, read an excerpt from his book and discover a little more of what makes him tick in his Meet the author piece. You can check out his website here.

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The Touch: Principles and Practices – by Doug Heyes

I learned what consciousness was when I was nineteen. That’s when my light switch got flipped. It was 1976, the same year Wayne Dyer published Your Erroneous Zones. Blessings on your journey, Wayne.  Werner Erhard was kicking ass with est, Oscar Ichazo was opening minds with ARICA, Jon-Roger was opening hearts with Insight, Richard Alpert had long since completed his transformation to Ram Dass, and Jerry Brown let Tim Leary out of prison. It was a heady time for California consciousness. I dove into that river head first. Didn’t even check for rocks.

It wasn’t my first trip to the spiritual rodeo. I grew up in metaphysics – in Christian Science and Religious Science. The concept of Mind over Matter is one of my earliest childhood imprints, and I have had countless demonstrations of its truth throughout my life. Lived in Mexico when I was a kid, saw throngs of sacred pilgrims on their knees. Sang Christmas mass in an Episcopal choir. Went walkabout when I was fifteen, got saved in a baptism tank at a Pentecostal Revival Church. Did a lot of psychedelics. Finished high school in Grenoble, France, where I skied the same runs where Jean-Claude Killy took the world by storm…

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Inner Kung Fu Healing Through Imagination and Concentration –
by Doug Heyes

When I refer to the imagination, I am referring to that center of creative consciousness which is the portal to all ideas, to every discovery and invention. It is a part of the human being which is boundless, a property of the Authentic Self. It is the interface through which we connect with Source or the Universe, residing at the nexus of body, mind, heart and soul. It is the channel through which we bridge the island of our consciousness with the sea of our unconscious. Every notable creation of humankind has its origins here. It is powerful beyond measure. Science is a function of imagination rigorously applied. In the realm of health and healing, they clearly work in synergy. The more we can accept that, the more we can start to tap into the limitless potential of imagination as a tool for healing.

For our purposes, we’re looking to specifically develop the ability to concentrate on images at will, while remaining in a relaxed, open state. Our conscious breathing and light visualization techniques are designed to activate that state of awareness. This is part of what I call the “inner Kung Fu” of healing which just takes time and practice…

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Meet the Author


Doug Heyes, author of The Touch

A bomb went off in my body. It was a snowy day in the mountains. Valentine’s Day weekend, 2000, and Snow Summit in Big Bear, California, was rockin’! The first of several big winter storms had already come through, and more were on the way. The skiers and boarders were out in force. I was there on patrol, as I’d been every winter for seven years, as a volunteer for Big Bear Valley National Ski Patrol. I was 43, in excellent shape, with 36 years of skiing experience.

That morning, I left Bump (our patrol quarters at the top of the mountain) to head out on a hill check – just a morning detail of skiing a particular area of the mountain, looking for any issues, hazards, problems, anything we needed to fix, stuff like that. Nothing really stood out. Our crews keep that mountain in great shape, and this day was no exception…

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“Doug Heyes’ book, The Touch, is more than a fascinating read. It is a healing experience. Within our present-day accelerated extreme lifestyles, belief in the miraculous has become an essential ingredient in the recipe of healing self and the planet. The extraordinary stories and practices in these pages will inspire the belief while simultaneously providing tools to heal and transform any obstacle on our shared journey of vital health and evolving consciousness. We have a choice on this sacred journey and The Touch provides essential steps to carry us across the water.”

— Seymour Koblin, HHP – Founder, International College of Holistic Studies, San Diego

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