Posted by lizrichardson – Wednesday, March 30th, 2011


The Clinical Association of Reflexologists (CAR) was initially founded in 1995, by the late Clive O’Hara, to give a voice on the Reflexology Forum to UK reflexologists working clinically so they could help shape and support the process of voluntary regulation in the UK.

Since then, the pace of change within the reflexology field and complementary therapy industry generally has accelerated considerably and CAR continues to play an influential role in shaping these changes, not only to maintain the credibility of the profession, but to reinforce the professional standards and training of CAR members.

CAR is committed to providing an excellent service for its members, and any reflexology practitioner who wishes to join our association.  Our members’ interests, views and feedback are important to us, and as a voluntary organisation – run by therapists for therapists, we want to support our members to become competant and confident practitioners, protect their interests and support them at every stage of their journey as clinical reflexologists.

For more information about how to join and the benefits of being a member of our professional association, click here.

If you are new to reflexology, and would like to find out more about it – perhaps you’d like to receive a treatment, or learn how to become a clinical reflexologist, see our pages on What is Clinical Reflexology? and Choosing a Clinical Reflexologist.


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