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Posted by Rosie Plunkett – Friday, January 8th, 2021

As you are of course aware, England entered a national lock down at midnight on 4 January in response to a rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases across the UK.

The government has confirmed that providing treatments are essential and being carried out for genuine health/medical needs, and relevant government guidance is being strictly adhered to, then therapists are not restricted to treating clients in clinical environment and can work with clients, in their own home or in the client’s home.

Needless to say, the usual pre-treatment checks need to be made to ensure this is appropriate, and that the client does not have symptoms of COVID-19 and is not living with someone who has symptoms or tested positive.

We now advise our C.A.R. members that until the national lock down is lifted, close contact services should only be provided to support clients who have a genuine health condition that requires urgent treatment and cannot be deferred.

It is important that all members assess their clients’ needs on a case by case basis, prior to seeing them, to determine if treatment is essential and appropriate at this time.

In C.A.R’s opinion, it would not be appropriate to treat clients for health complaints that are minor or self-limiting which can improve on their own, for stress relief, general aches and pains, or for relaxation or preventative healthcare purposes.

While we fully appreciate the importance of supporting clients for these reasons, the focus should be on treating clients with essential health needs only, where the benefits of treatment outweigh any potential risk.

We also strongly advise members not to treat clients who are clinically vulnerable during the lock down, unless you are working alongside (or have a referral from) a statutory regulated health professional and your treatment forms part of a wider patient care package.

When you are treating clients in person, please ensure that you are following the government guidance for close contact services which outlines P.P.E requirements and the need to carry out a risk assessment

We cannot stress enough the severity of the situation we are now in, with a surge in infection rates of the highly transmissible new variant of COVID-19 placing increasing pressure on the NHS. You must exercise the utmost caution and exercise your professional judgement in assessing the risks. You must carry out and record a risk assessment on whether the benefits of seeing a client in person outweighs the risks. Practise remotely where you can and follow our advice on following government guidance on working safely. “

Once again the CAR board would like to accredit these latest COVID-19 updates to information sourced from FHT & CNHC

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