Event – Sunday 3rd April 11.00am – 15.00pm

Posted by Rosie Plunkett – Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

Bury Cancer Support Centre;

The event tomorrow Sunday 3rd April 11am – 3pm is the launch of this year’s monthly events and to promote David and Tom McLenachan’s planned fundraising event which is a trek to Mount Everest Base Camp (they are setting off this weekend). Donations for this event can be made at: https://www.justgiving.com/david-and-tom-mclenachan. Cheques can be sent directly to the centre made out to Bury Cancer Support Centre.

The tower will be open for anyone energetic enough to climb the 148 steps to the top of the 128 feet high monument erected in 1852 to commemorate the life of Sir Robert Peel (1788 – 1850) who was born in Ramsbottom and was twice Prime Minister. His major accomplishments included reforming criminal law, establishing the Metropolitan Police Service and abolishing the Corn Laws.

Those who make the climb to the top of the tower will be rewarded with spectacular views of Holcombe Moor, Manchester, Cheshire and North Wales (weather permitting). On the ground floor of the tower there will be refreshments for sale; tea, coffee, cold drinks and Bury Cancer Support Centre’s inimitable, homemade cakes – not to be missed!

Access to Holcome Hill and Peel Tower is from Holcombe Village. There are two routes up the hill, a steeper climb from Cross lane to the left of the hill or a more gentle climb to the right from Moore Road, both opposite the Shoulder of Mutton pub and restaurant BL8 4LZ. There is a car park on Lumb Carr Road, leading to the village and usually parking spaces on the road, those visiting the Shoulder of Mutton can use the car park there.

If you use Facebook  we have a site where there is information on the centre, the services we offer and upcoming events, can be found by adding Bury Cancer Support Centre into the search bar.
For those not on Facebook here is the information:

It would be good if you could include a note that we are looking for volunteers in all areas, fundraising, admin, general help and also for therapists. Anyone interested just needs to call, write or email to the manager Jan Katana.

Address: 406 Bolton Road, Bury, BL8 2DA

Telephone: 0161 764 6609

email: infobcsc@gmail.com

Opening Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10.30am – 4pm

Service: The centre offers support to anyone whose life is affected by cancer, both patients and their family / carers are welcome on equal terms.

We aim to provide individually tailored, unlimited support for each person. No appointment is necessary and visitors are welcome to drop in to register to use the service or simply have a look around.

The range of support includes: 

• Information

• Counselling / Talking therapies

• Complementary Therapies

• Relaxation Classes

• Qi Gung class (weekly on Monday morning)

• Liaison with other Healthcare Professionals

• Review at each visit by a key-worker (all Key-workers are experienced nurses)

• Opportunity to meet others in an informal setting where friendship and mutual support can develop

• Nutritional Advice and Support

• Cafe selling freshly homemade, wholesome food and beverages

The centre is entirely self funded from donations and fundraising, it costs £120,000 per year to keep the centre open at present so fundraising is ongoing throughout the year. We have a small, dedicated fundraising team and all staff and volunteers help with fundraising too. Events range in size and all contributions are greatly appreciated however large or small. We have an Annual Ball which is usually the biggest fundraiser, we also have some one-off events from outside companies, local businesses and individuals.

Throughout the summer we have a monthly ‘Fill the Hill’ event which uses Holcome Hill, overlooking Ramsbottom, as the focal point for the events. The aim of this campaign is to ‘fill the hill’ with people; raise awareness of the centre, give promotion and thanks to local businesses who have supported the centre and encourage companies and individuals to sign up for regular monthly (standing order) donations. Last year the events included a spectacular kite display by the Northern Kite Group, balloon race, dog show, hill run, 8 hour belly dance ‘Shimmython’ and  teddy bear’s picnic. So fundraising ideas are very welcome!


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