This month’s good read….

Book of The Month for March 2016…by Rosie Plunkett

It was March 1986 when my adventures into studying Complementary Therapies first started and it has never stopped.
My books line the walls upstairs at home and I thought it would be great fun to share one every month and this gives me a good reason to revisit this old friend.
I am hoping it will start a debate between visitors to our web site and our members.

May I introduce you to;

Radical Forgiveness: A Revolutionary Five-Stage Process to Heal Relationships, Let Go of Anger and Blame, Find Peace in Any Situation… Colin Tipping (2009).

As a qualified Supervisor I am aware of the vital needs for self care for all therapists and clients alike as we all need the same support/comfort.

To maintain this role I want to off load my daily stresses, frustrations, anger and fears in a simple and easy way.
If this is your interest too and you want to open your awareness to all aspects of vibrational energy work as well this book will expand and focus your attention and give you, simple easy ways to support yourself.


• A manual of good tools – gives a clear structure • Worksheets offered free
• Meaning of forgiveness
• Mechanisms of the Ego

• Pseudo – forgiveness


• Supports self caring
• Goes to the core of a deep inner conflict • Gain more confidence
• Recognise nothing happened
• Less stressed
• Less inner conflicts
• Less grievances
• Less anger
• More self awareness
• Greater balance and grounding

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I am a member of Cygnus Books and run a “Cygnus Cafe” at home for folk interested in sharing books and having a cuppa at the same time. The title is misleading as I only offer a two hour space once a month if there is interest. Cygnus Books is a small non profit making family concern offering really good discounts hence the plug here.

Cygnus Books
Beechwood Industrial Estate,
SA19 7HR

Phone:01558 825503
Hours: Open Monday – Friday· 9am–5pm


Audio Books from

This is a book club and offers four membership packages: 1 book monthly @£ 7.99 = 1 credit a month

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2 books “ 12 books “ 24 books “

(£7.99 each)

@£ 14.99 = 2 credits a month
@£ 69.99 p.a. =12 credits all at once (£5.83 each) @£109.99 p.a. =24 credits all at once (£4.58 each)

Over the past five years I have been a member I have accumulated over 120 audiobooks 85% I use in my work. For the past two years I have opted for the top plan 24 per year. I get great savings as some audio books can be over £28.00 and that saves me over £23.00.

Cost to buy…..Radical Forgiveness

• Cygnus Books @ £7.99 with a saving of £5.00 as retail price is £12.99 • Audible Books Regular price £12.99 or 1 credit ( from £4.58-£7.99 )

Narrated by Colin Tipping

Length 3hours and 40 mins
Free tools found in From the list these are the two I use the most.

Radical Forgiveness Worksheets… A true transformation of a grievance. Radical Self-Forgiveness / Self Acceptance Worksheets…For healing Guilt & Shame.



Any questions or suggestions just email: