Meet the Board

Board members of the Clinical Association of Reflexologists are volunteers who are elected to their positions by the members of the association.

Each Board member is duty-bound to act in the best interests of CAR and its members, which means putting aside personal interests and opinions when performing Board duties.

The CAR Board comprises of 9 members, each taking on a different role and responsibilities:

Chair & Vice Chair positions is covered by all the board members

Educational Development:  Lynne Marland

Treasurer, Education and Group Support:  Marian Foster – retiring 1st April 2021

Training and Education:  Alison Morewood- retiring 1st April 2021

Public Relations:  Marnie Dean, Mandy Irvine & Pat Hunter

Practitioner Supervision & publisher for web site:  Rosie Plunkett

Administration: Jan Stringer & Denise Devon

The CAR Board is dedicated to supporting its members with knowledge, advice, public affairs and industry representation.  We want to support our members to become competent and confident practitioners, protect their interests and support them at every stage of their journey as clinical reflexologists.