Vacancies on C.A.R. board

Posted by Rosie Plunkett – Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

Dear C.A.R. members ….the present board is inviting you to apply to join our board.

Clive O’Hara created a legacy of high standards, dedication to promote reflexology in the best ways possible for all his students and loyal followers….

All the present board studied with Clive from the start and have formed a strong network of deep friendship and respect for each other…and regularly discuss vital matters …stay in touch and celebrate over meals …the C.A.R reflexology family culture has remained all these years….

As two of our leading role board members are retiring … we have accepted that this is a good time to invite change and give members of CAR a chance to highlight their own passions for reflexology. We will be able to support new members and working together this gives both CAR and individuals much scope to expand in the future.

This was very much how Clive loved to work…he saw the strengths in his students and would nurture them to advance with his guidance at their own speed…he was far before his times as a teacher…his empathy for each person was second to none…. we have the experience to offer a similar collective support to any of our members…

The vacant roles…requirements….

  • Be a member of C.A.R
  • Want to share their passion of reflexology
  • Happy to run with their ideas and give the board a chance to expand on their input
  • Bring an open mind to the table …
  • Prepared to be part of researching technical changes in the industry
  • Have past banking skills if filling the treasurers role

They may seem simple requirements but the simpler the more profound…

We work as one team so all take the figurehead role, all do what they can, when they can…

Looking forward to hearing from you…

The C.A.R. Board

Please apply and show your interest before 29th March to Rosie Plunkett … and then we can arrange a Zoom meeting…(open to consideration if applying later than that date)

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