COVID-19 -The current situation…where to look for the best updates that meet all guidelines for the whole of the UK.

Posted by Rosie Plunkett – Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

As a result of our own recent research of the current situation the board of C.A.R. have found that the best up to date knowledge to follow has already been published most efficiently and covers every view point necessary for us to be vital for ourselves and our clients therefore we encourage you to follow not only the government’s close contact services guidance for England which was updated on 26 November 2020 but also have a read through both the FHT Federation of Holistic Therapists and CNHC the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Councils  ” working during COVID-19 guidelines” you will find this knowledge is perfect and relevant for our members to take on board, read and follow. They both have cover every area necessary for therapists like ourselves to follow.  The silver linings from the current situation has relieved, it is possible to unite as one body for the good of all, sharing vital knowledge for all to use.

From 2 December, England is returned to a 3-tier system of local restrictions. While these have been strengthened, the Prime Minister has stressed that the different tiers will follow a “uniform set of rules” and there won’t be “negotiations on additional measures with each region.”

All close contact services are currently permitted in all three tiers in England, providing you “follow COVID-19 secure guidelines to protect our clients and ourselves.

Again we advise you to follow the government’s guidance for close contact services (which applies to complementary, holistic beauty and sports therapists alike). Close contact services can be provided from a treatment room in your own home, and in your client’s home. If you work in a care home, hospital or hospice, we would advise contacting the manager to determine if they are happy for close contact services to continue at this time.

As long as you are following relevant government guidelines you are also permitted to travel to a different tier than your own (within England) to provide close contact services, as this would be for work purposes.

Any questions please email Rosie Plunkett (board member)

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