The current situation update…..COVID-19

Posted by Rosie Plunkett – Saturday, November 7th, 2020

England will be going on a second national lockdown from Thursday, 5th November, all holistic therapy businesses will sadly have to close for the next 4 weeks.
This is incredibly frustrating news for us all. Just as we were getting back into enjoying our role in the community, it’s all changed again. There haven’t been any announcements as of yet regarding further financial help, however, we will be keeping you updated with this side of things as much as we can.

A few ideas to focus on:

1. Get in touch with your clients if you haven’t already….
Keep them in the loop with what’s happening for you, and what it means for them and you. Your clients will want to support and help you, as you support and help them.

2. Keep in touch with them during lockdown. You could send out health and wellness emails, keep your social media pages updated if that’s your style and offer them different ways of support from afar. Keeping you in their minds is important.

3. Encourage them to buy gift vouchers as Christmas presents
You could encourage them to purchase vouchers for themselves, or of course for friends & family .

4. Use this time for YOU….
This is the perfect time to be caring for yourself….Therapist’s are good at giving advise however how many of us are excellent at looking after yourself. I know I am still having to learn this lesson daily…!

Is there anything you learned from the first lockdown that helped you during it or when you returned to work? Would you like to share and assist us all ?

As one of your board members I for one would love to hear from you and if there is anything you need during this time – even if it’s just a chat to clear your head again just ask, my email is…all emails will be actioned.

From all your board members, if we can help you please ask.

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