Minutes from our Annual General Meeting

Posted by Rosie Plunkett – Friday, July 6th, 2018


Annual General Meeting

Monday 4t h June 2018
Marian Foster’s home, 29 High Street, Godley, Hyde Minutes

Alison Morewood

Jan Stringer

Marian Foster

Mandy Irvine

Marnie Dean

Lynne Marland

Rosie Plunkett

Denise Bevon (minute taker)

Pat Hunter

Apologies : Fiona James, Kylie Lord, Chris Rimmer, Emma Reid.



Alison welcomed everyone and passed on apologies.

Actions from last meeting . Denise has now set up a meeting with Jeannette Jackson. She has agreed to be interviewed about her career as part of the ‘Spotlight on…feature’ on the CAR website.

Alison has sent a draft case study template to Jan to circulate to members. Completed.
Receipt format sent to Jan letterhead with logo completed and Jan to share with members.

Jan to share receipt format with members. Completed.


Marian Foster Treasurer reported on the finances. Year end £5,613.78.

The bulk of the expenses have gone on web hosting and support for the website. Stationery over the year and £150 for training.
Rosie Plunkett and Lynne Marland’s presence at the Kegworth Conference on behalf of CAR. They both reported back on the content of the conference saying it was a very informative event, they met many interesting people from around the world working in varying fields of Reflexology. There were 17 very interesting speakers.
A float of £20 is held by Marian.
Action: Rosie will be publishing information on the website about the conference. She has kindly offered to give half an hour to any member who would like to hear more about this event.


Alison responded, on behalf of CAR, to the CNHC regarding their invitation to be a member of their consultation group and commended the dedicated efforts of their team with the Core Curriculum draft review. Alison raised the subject of some of their wording. They refer to ‘stimulating and sedating effects of treatment’. In her letter Alison spoke of the amazing work of the late Clive O’Hara, the founder of CCR and CAR where ‘STIMULATION’ is a Reflexology swear word. The effect upon the part of the body to which the reflex point or area corresponds is not one of stimulation, it is NORMALISATION. Alison has had no response to her correspondence which she and all present at the AGM consider to be disrespectful by not replying and lack of consideration with this contribution from CAR.

Action . Correspond with CNHC and publish the content of Alison’s response on our website, to clarify & highlight CAR’s fundamental disagreement with CNHC’ current wording(as explained above), now published in the newly edited Core Curriculum for Reflexology in the UK.



Alison Morewood has been invited to continue training at The Christie by Sarah Wilkins Senior Comp. Therapist & Courses Coordinator.
Future Courses : CCR Hand Reflexology weekend 1s t /2 nd December 2018 which is being held at the Christie. To attend this course bookings can be made on The Christie website.

Clinical Reflexology Diploma ‘Master Class’ weekend 9th/10th February 2019.
An open weekend is in the planning around different styles and techniques, it will also be hosted by The Christie & presented in association with CCR.

Alison is continuing with the CCR Diploma course students supporting them towards being registered.


Appointment of board members

Appointment of the following board members:
Chair of CAR jointly held by Lynne Marland, Rosie Plunkett, Marnie Dean, Pat Hunter and Mandy Irvine.
Membership Secretary: Jan Stringer & Assistant Denise Bevon. Treasurer and Education & Group Support : Marian Foster
Joint Educational Development Leads: Alison Morewood and Lynne Marland.
Public Relations: Marnie Dean
Practitioner Supervision: Rosie Plunkett
The proposal of the above was brought by Alison Morewood with full agreement of board and members at the AGM.


Any Other Business

Pat Hunter explained that her role is the Complementary Therapy Lead at Willow Wood Hospice. She is working on an outreach service to Tameside Hospital Macmillan unit providing therapies and information about the hospice for patients coming into the unit. This has enabled people to access the help and support they need. They hope to expand the Willow Wood outreach service by having volunteer therapists to cover other times and days. As a result potential patients will be able to find out about the hospice, and access support from them.


Rosie shared with everyone her current interest; Dog Reflexology, she handed around the latest textbook by Vivian Birlie from Denmark, ‘Dog Reflexology and Acupressure’ this has just been published & more info. can be found at www.sanocanis.com Rosie’s Vet, Simon Tollet from Acorn Veterinary Surgery in Northenden has shown great interest and is encouraging this for the dogs he cares for. If you would like more information please contact Rosie. … rosieglow3@me.com / 07916308942


Date of next Annual General Meeting To be confirmed.

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