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Spot light on Jeannette Jackson by Denise Bevon

Jeannette Jackson Is the founder and Director of the Manchester Stress Institute; A corporate health & wellbeing training company, presenting workshops & seminars to improve staff health, wellbeing and performance.  After finishing school Jeannette started working at BBC TV Oxford Road in the costume and makeup dept in 1998 and whilst working there began writing […]

Vivian Birlie-Dog Reflexology & Acupressure-Sano Canis ™

After I returned from the UK Reflexology Conference 2018 I wanted to purchase books from the speakers CAR has published articles about…. In my searching I found an unexpected text book by Vivian Birlie’s on Dog Reflexology… I was so excited because for seven years I have been using my own two rescue dog’s  Meg […]

Barbara Scott- Reproflexology ™

Barbara Scott  is another of the wonderful speakers from Sue Rick’s UK Reflexology Conference 2018  Barbara is the founder of Seren Natural Fertility, Reproflexology ™ Training and Chair of The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists. She is the author of ‘Reflexology for Fertility, Watkins Books 2016, and was awarded ‘Complementary Therapist of the Year 2017 by […]

Geraldine Villeneuve- Structural Reflexology®

Geraldine Villeneuve is the third speaker from the UK Reflexology Conference 2018 Geraldine Villeneuve, Author of “Put Your Best Feet Forward”, is an American Board Certified Reflexologist, has been practicing reflexology for over 30 years. She holds a bachelor of science in Therapeutic Recreation, and is a licensed massage practitioner specialising in injury remediation. She […]

Minutes from our Annual General Meeting

Present Annual General Meeting Monday 4t h June 2018 Marian Foster’s home, 29 High Street, Godley, Hyde Minutes Alison Morewood Jan Stringer Marian Foster Mandy Irvine Marnie Dean Lynne Marland Rosie Plunkett Denise Bevon (minute taker) Pat Hunter Apologies : Fiona James, Kylie Lord, Chris Rimmer, Emma Reid. 1. Welcome Alison welcomed everyone and passed […]

Sally Kay-Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage RLD

Sue Ricks chose Sally to open the UK Reflexology Conference with her ground breaking findings and research…. Sally has very kindly given us permission to publish some of her work. You will see Judith Whatley’s name appear often here, together Sally and Judith make the most amazing team to get a paper published….other speakers have […]

Jane Sheehan-International Foot Reader

Jane Sheehan-International Foot Reader

A private view of what the conference did for me in many articles… “I met Jane at the UK Reflexology Conference this year in East Midlands, hosted by Sue Ricks an amazing lady with a heart of gold… Sue invited 17, UK and International speakers to bring us all together as one united Reflexology family….This […]

CCR and CAR’s Official Review of the New 2018 Edition CNHC Reflexology Core Curriculum

CCR and CAR’s Official Review of the New 2018 Edition CNHC Reflexology Core Curriculum *Featuring ‘The Reflexology ‘Swear Word’ – STIMULATION’ In April 2018 CAR were invited to be a member of the consultation group for the CNHC Reflexology Core Curriculum draft review. The CAR Board responded concluding that the draft document successfully provided a […]