Self Care is Constant Vigilance

Posted by Rosie Plunkett – Friday, March 25th, 2016

Learning to “Manage Our Emotions” is a great skill. It is all about taking responsibilty and being accountable for our actions.

We all need to step back and take a good look at how we relate to ourselves in the world.

I want to get you really thinking about your needs and wants and focus on the importance of how our emotions effect everything.

  • How much down time do you give yourself each day to connect to your core feelings?
  • How many treats – complementary treatments do you plan each week just for you?
  • How effective are you for you, your family, your clients?
  • What creative tasks excites you?

As clients we can relax,rebuild and repair the imbalances. How often are you that client? Do you want to be a client? If not why not? The cost of time is not a good reason.

It has taken me nearly seventy years of life’s challenges to get me here today…and I can truly say it was worth the pain, struggle and heart ache. I enjoy my role and find the constant striving to grow, to learn to teach my purpose in life.

17 Years ago I met a family and eight members of this family became clients. The father of the family AP gave me this saying….” Good Health is Constant Vigilance”. Today is 25th March 2016 and I am celebrating A’s 98 birth date. He died last year. Complete in body and mind.

These two dear Souls taught me so much. Weekly they would come for Reflexology, we would put the world to rights. They looked forward to their own special time to unwind, re balance and let go of worries for an hour.

They have been great teachers for me to learn the importance of being honest and true to myself. I have grown from knowing them. I used the Radical Forgiveness book (which I reviewed this month – look in the Sales Menu tap) to deal with my frustrations after a couple of sessions with one of the family. Little did I realise in using the book and using the worksheets it would release deep inner conflicts I didn’t even know I had. Is it any wonder I am enjoying my life as a therapist. The deep connection we gain with each client. The privilege to be allowed into a client’s world is so special and I for one have immense gratitude.

Thank you A and you will always be in my thoughts and in my work. How true your saying is. Constant Vigilance is good health! I hope A’s wisdom has touched you too and you will remember him for this great gift. Constant Vigilance is Good Health.

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