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Taking a Leap hosted by Susie Ramroop

  Are you living a life that doesn’t light you up?  That drains your energy? Is your life producing great results, just not the ones that make you feel alive? Are you settling for not having enough time in the day, let alone any for you? What if you woke up at a time that worked for you, in a location […]

Self Care – A gift from a client known as A

  My purpose today and every new day is to ‘manage my emotions’.  Calm and satisfied emotions gives me peace of mind, a good state to offer a client. In my archives I have a recording of my client A reading from the “Instructions for Life” from the Dalai Lama’s “Comments On The Millennium”.  Sadly […]

Self Care ….try a Gong Bath

Martyn Cawthorne – Gong Spa I’m a gong practitioner, and as such I provide a variety of forms of sound bath for those who are interested in the sounds, the vibrations, and the effects on our well-being of these fantastic instruments. I’ve been a musician and a meditator for 25 years or so, and a […]

April’s book review

You Are The Placebo By Dr Joe Dispenza £12.99 Is it possible to heal by thought alone – without drugs or surgery? The truth is that it happens more often than you might expect. In You Are The Placebo, Dr Joe Dispenza shares numerous documented cases of those who reversed heart disease, depression, crippling arthritis […]

Findhorn book review

After a successful Hollywood career as a writer, actor and producer, (see resume on IMDb), Doug Heyes discovered “The Touch” – the gift for healing he describes as “the natural birthright of all human beings”. He left a successful career in show business to plunge headlong into the waters of holistic health and healing. An outdoor […]

atOne this Sunday 3rd April 2016

Now that Spring has officially sprung and we’re on British Summer Time at last, we are looking forward to our next atOne day this Sunday 3rd April here at the Monastery with doors open 11am-4.30pm (opening mediation at 11.30am).   atOne With Ancient Wisdom will explore two very different spiritual practices that continue to be relevant and useful today. […]

Easter Day- a gift of good listening

27th March  – Happy Easter Day “Musical Rapture…A Healing Gift for Humanity”. One of my clients sent me this story …… I would like to share it with you now. At the age of 13, a year after Frederic de la Rue had his first near death-experience, he was guided to start playing people’s soul […]

Self Care is Constant Vigilance

Learning to “Manage Our Emotions” is a great skill. It is all about taking responsibilty and being accountable for our actions. We all need to step back and take a good look at how we relate to ourselves in the world. I want to get you really thinking about your needs and wants and focus on […]

Daily Hygiene & Self Care

This article is for all animal lovers, be it cats or dogs and for humans who wish to focus on “Self Care”. I am studying the values and benefits of using the Australian Bush Flower Essences on a regular basis for the dogs in my care and for myself. I have all the essences in […]

Best listening review for March

I was visiting Warrington town centre one day a few years back now and came across a therapist using Solfeggio tuning forks. I had to experience a session and she had a space vacant in half an hour so there I was in the middle of an open air market-square lying on a portable bed […]

Find a Therapist…

At the last board meeting this Monday 22nd February it was decided to use the web site for greater awareness to the general public. We wish to have our names advertising our skills and we are sure more members want this service. So lets start now. Send me your details and a short story of […]