Foot Tapping Reflexology course in Leeds on Saturday 27th June

Posted by lizrichardson – Wednesday, May 27th, 2015


2015 Regional Lecture Day – An Introduction to Foot Tapping Reflexology

Foot Tapping Reflexology (FTR) is a new technique that takes Reflexology to a new level, making your treatments much more effective. It incorporates aspects of other energy therapies into a reflexology treatment and can easily be included as and when required. It can be used in two ways, to clear a disturbed reflex, usually more quickly and permanently than normal methods, and/or used to treat any emotional problem the client may have without the complications of EFT set up statements during a normal reflexology treatment.

This is not a lecture day, it is a very “hands on” workshop, where you will learn the technique and protocol for use with emotional issues.

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