Review of the Balens Conference by our member Linda Rose

Posted by lizrichardson – Sunday, June 1st, 2014

In Issue 36 of the Clinical Reflexology Newsletter, we featured an article on the Balens conference 2013, written by Linda Rose, a long standing CAR member.  Linda wrote an an extremely informative synopsis of the conference, which focused on:

• Where is healthcare going?

• Empirical science, vitalism or what?

• Placebo or nocebo?

• Online marketing and social media

• The law and your practice: data protection, record keeping and the importance of written contracts.

Many thanks to Linda for attending the conference on CAR’s behalf and taking the time to write up such a comprehensive account of the day.  The subjects covered during the conference were diverse and certainly provide food for thought for all practitioners.  The full article can be downloaded below.

Review of Balens CPD Conference, by Linda Rose

The Board is really passionate about supporting members’ professional and personal development and actively encourages all members to get more involved in your Association.  So if you have identified a conference or seminar you’d like to attend contact us with details, because remember –  CAR will fund CPD activity (paying fees and expenses for suitable seminars and conferences) in exchange for a member attending as an official CAR representative, and producing an informative report / article, worthy of publication in the CRN / post on the website or email alert, to the wider membership.

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